A small city known for power generation, its massive reservoir, and expansive canyon country often hides the very makeup of its own community. Locally called Page, America, in jest--Page, AZ, actually exemplifies the complacency and blissful ignorance of the American public . Power generation, access to popularized views, and unfettered recreational activities are the halmarks of this small desert town tucked into the reaches of northern Arizona.

The cost of poor civic leadership, abandmonment, and the regional drive for growth at all costs has left large districts of the town operating at or below the poverty line. Mobile homes populate over half the town, most operating past their predicted lifespan. Even the artist's own house, featured within, is located in the shantytown of Page, America.

Local residents live in relative squalor while the nation's fifth largest river powers millions of homes just miles away. A veritable treasure trove of hydroelectric energy, coal burning, tourism, and energy transmission sustains the town. All the while, average local residents glean little benefit from the massive industries present in their own town.

Within this series of photos is the unseen side of Page, America. Leaky rooves, barking dogs, broken glass, and a litmus test for the desertification of power the working class today.

Digital Photograph
Page, America
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