My work revolves around the marks of life and the ways in which relics from those before us effect the world with their existence long after their presence faded. The echo of a living presence is a repository of altered, created, and discarded objects and components of the environment. Marks of life on the world around us are present many forms; be it in the whispered histories from the peripheries of our habitats or our collective legacy--these are my greatest interest. 

I employ what remains--discarded, manipulated, and found objects--in work that layers and amplifies the all-too-often unnoticed miscocosim of near-silent histories. The subjects span from textures and found objects to world cultures and civic concepts and allow me to structure a dialogue between audience and concept that is analgous to the subject's voice itself.  My works emerge in the digital and physical realm--straddling media and states of presence.  Mixing media and found objects is the avenue in which I express my reaction to the world.  Photography--both film and digital--as well as various hand processes and sculptural approaches are my key approaches to visual expression.  

I am native of the Piedmont area of North Carolina, born in Winston-Salem in 1987. I studied sculpture, photography, anthropology and English. I graduated from Appalachian State University and was also a student at the Australian National University, and the University of New Mexico at Taos. 

I live and work in Page, Arizona.

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